We aim to steer the youth in Northern Uganda away from a life of poverty and unemployment through implementing innovative community-driven projects which can create a positive impact in their lives. This includes economic empowerment, advocating for youth favourable policies, community sensitization and entrepreneurship training. We need a lot of support to accomplish this.

Welcome to Northern Initiative for Community Empowerment (NICE)

Northern Initiative for Community Empowerment (NICE)is a registered Community-Based Organization based in Kwania District, Northern Uganda. The organization was founded primarily to help improve the lives of people and bring back the lost hope after the deadly war in Northern Uganda.

Northern Initiative for Community Empowerment (NICE) is trying to solve the problem of “entitlement deprivation”, through Community Empowerment. Many people in Northern Uganda suffers from critical poverty, low access and level of Education , little access to better Health Services and prevention measure, we are also focusing on other social problems like, women’s right to equal access to resources, domestic violence and children’s right. We have employed different approaches to tackle poverty and other community problems based on working with other Community Aids Organizations, Development workers, Local Government, Technical individuals, Charity groups, Stakeholders and Communities to deliver our services while embracing symbiotic partnership.

Our approach to address the root course of community problems are basically through community sensitization and awareness creation, Basic Education support ( manual and vocational training) strengthening Agribusiness to increase house hold economic income, strengthening Village Saving and Loans association, campaigning for Women’s right and their inclusion in the socio-economic activities and campaigning against domestic violence, violence on children and protection and we believe in these approaches because they have worked for us and there is great impact in communities where Northern Initiative for Community Empowerment has reached.

UPCOMING PROJECT: The “Be SAFE” Initiative: Combating HIV/AIDS among youth aged 15 – 24 years in Kwania District

The project will supplement Government efforts to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in Kwania District. The Project will assist the Government to implement a comprehensive Behavior Change Communication (BCC) action plan, by engaging different health facilities in Kwania Hospital and district medical personnel (Nambieso Health Centre, Aduku Health Centre, and Inomo Health Centre). The project also seeks to directly reach the youth through different approaches including mass media like radio, community outreach and School Outreach Programs to different schools in the target area to effect behavioral change and reduce the risk of HIV infection among youth these youth (15 – 24 years). A total number of 2000 youth will be reached both directly and indirectly through mass media, community outreach and school outreach programs by the end of the project.

The main project activities of this project include;

  1. Organizing 3 stakeholders meeting to introduce the project to the different communities the project will be implemented in.
  2. Conducting 6 community outreach programs targeting youth that have dropped out of school and those that are still in school. To draw a big number of the youth, we shall involve local musicians and organize music concerts during these community outreach programs.
  3. Strengthening Village Loans Savings and Loan Association of 30 youth to improve saving culture among youth living with HIV/AIDS. This will be done through training them in financial management and literacy.
  4. Facilitate community sensitization and awareness through conducting 2 radio programs on HIV/AIDS transmission and prevention. The radio programs will target the youth (15 – 24 years)
  5. Train 20 peer educators who will act as change agents in their local communities.

Project Goal

Increasing the awareness of HIV/AIDS transmission and prevention among youth aged 15-24 years.

Project objectives

  • Train 30 living with HIV/AIDS on financial management and literacy by the end of the project.
  • Train 20 peer educators on HIV prevention to act as change agents in their communities by the end of the project.
  • Conduct 2 radio programs to facilitate community sensitization and awareness on HIV transmission and prevention in 6 months.
  • Organize 6 community outreach programs to sensitize the youth on HIV transmission and prevention in 6 locations by the end of the project.
  • Distribute 4000 condoms and test 150 youth for HIV within 12 months in 5 locations.

Our Vision

We envision equally empowered communities which can work their way out of poverty and respond to any community related issues and problems.

Our Mission

To improve people’s livelihoods and create self-sustaining communities in Northern Uganda through provision of equitable, participatory and integrated development interventions.

Our Goals

  1. Equipping women, men, boys and girls in the local communities in Northern Uganda with skills and knowledge to enable them have the opportunities to succeed.
  2. Providing quality sustainable services to the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized communities in Northern Uganda.

Our Aim

Northern Initiative for Community Empowerment aims to steer the youth away from a life of poverty and unemployment through implementing innovative community projects which can create a positive impact in the lives of the youth in Northern Uganda. This includes economic empowerment, raising health awareness, advocating for youth favourable policies, community sensitization and entrepreneurship training.

Our Objectives

  1. To empower community to live better life and of any other nature that would promote persons to live, be kind and faithful to others around them, families, societies and all humanities to foster their existential rights.
  2. To empower the disadvantages/needy and deprived members of the society to participate in income generating activities in transforming their socio-economic status.
  3. To foster and establish children’s care centers and youth training centers and other vulnerable persons in communities.
  4. To offer supports to the disables, persons living with HIV’ AIDS and promoting community initiatives, groups to elevate above the poverty level to increase life expectancy and for the benefit of all human kind.
  5. To offers and support moral guidance to communities (youth, children, women and the deprived) to help foster a better society for all humans.
  6. To advocate for the equality of all Humanities through, local government, National, International bodies and agencies in achieving equality for all.
  7. To offer and advocate for health care support from the local ministries, National and International bodies to human health.

Project: Advocating Against Teenage Pregnancy in Apac and Kwania District

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been reported increase in the rate of teenage pregnancies during the period when school were closed countrywide and children asked to stay home. In Northern Uganda, many teenage girls have not able to go back to school not because of lack of school fees but because they got pregnant with some even producing during this period. The need for basic necessities like sanitary pads, clothing, and other things, young girls have found themselves engaging in transactional sex with men who take advantage of their need for money.

Northern Initiative for Community Empowerment working together with different partners and stakeholders with support from Digital Human Rights Lab, would like to implement the project aimed at advocating against teenage pregnancy through raising awareness of its dangers to young teenage boys and girls. The project will aim at implementing a number of activities in Kwania and Apac District in Northern Uganda. During this project, Northern Initiative for Community Empowerment will involve district officials especially in the education department.

Project Objectives

  1. To raise awareness of 90 youth on the dangers of early teenage pregnancy and offer guidance to students on how they can avoid it.
  2. To sensitize parents on the dangers of early teenage pregnancy and provide parents with tips on how to protect their children from it.
  3. To bring together youth so as to sensitize them on the dangers of engaging in teenage romantic relationships.