Community Health Services
Friday October 18, 2019

Community Health Services

NICE Community Health Program implements projects aligned to the national needs within the health sector. It aims at improving people’s health welfare and contributes to the health sector’s interventions in promoting a healthy and economically productive society. 

NICE’s are intended in supplementing the work of the Ministry of Health as regards the reduction on the Maternal, Infant and Child mortality rates and improvement in the Maternal & Child Health in Uganda hence contributing to the fourth and fifth Millennium Development Goals of reduction in Child mortality rates by two thirds by 2020, reduction of maternal deaths by three quarters by the year 2020. 

The objectives and services of the Community Health Department are as follows:

 1. Improve and increase people’s knowledge on Reproductive Health, Malaria & HIV/AIDS prevention, measures and child survival strategies. 

2. Increase access to quality health care services in the area of Reproductive Health, Malaria and HIV/AIDS 

3. Promotion of improved service delivery strategies for increased access and utilization through advocating for change in health service delivery system.

4. Contribute to the reduction maternal mortality rates by advocating for increased utilization of reproductive health services as well as malaria prevention and HIV/AIDS prevention. 

5. Contribute to improved child health in our communities through promoting and advocating child survival strategies. 

6. Contribute to improving nutrition status of children between 0-5years.

7. Advocate and lobby for pro-poor health policies.

Sample of activities are:

•Sensitizing local leaders and the communities in selected districts on issues like reproductive health, nutrition and HIV prevention.

•Building the capacity of partner organizations to mobilize and sensitize communities on HIV prevention, improving their livelihoods, reproductive health services & rights, nutrition plus advocacy structures. 

•Training of health center staff on customer care, communication skills and counseling for better service delivery.

•Develop, produce and distribute IEC materials in both English & local languages on malaria prevention, sexual & reproductive health, nutrition issues and HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support in the targeted communities.

•To engage in better sexual and reproductive health services, HIV/AIDS prevention, malaria products, and nutrition issues.

NICE is one of the leading national NGOs involved in wash activities in Uganda. It is a member of the Uganda Water and Sanitation NGO Network (UWASNET) and it belongs to three working groups namely; Rural Wash, Technologies Working Group and Good Governance Working Group.

 The organization undertakes WASH activities in both urban informal and poor rural communities. The main target beneficiaries of WASH interventions are the poor and marginalized communities and institutions within poor communities.

The main goal of NICE‘s WASH interventions is to contribute to improved livelihoods through increased access to water and sanitation services. To date, NICE’s interventions in WASH have benefited 1600people.

The main objectives of the NICE WASH program include

1. Improve access to safe drinking water among marginalized communities

2. Improve hygienic practices and awareness as well as access to and use of sustainable sanitation services in marginalized communities and schools

3. Promote proper menstrual hygiene management (MHM) in schools

4. Operational fecal sludge management system and a strategy for safe reuse of stabilized sludge for Apac District.

The main approaches employed by NICE include Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) in rural, Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation (PHAST), Sanitation marketing, collaboration and networking and lobbying and advocacy.

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Northern Initiative for Community Empowerment (NICE) is a registered community based organization founded in May 2014 in Apac District-Uganda. NICE’s mission is to apply innovative initiatives aimed at empowering vulnerable women and youth to achieve sustainable, self-sufficient livelihoods and dignified lives. We implement our activities in Apac District, Uganda, which is over 500 Kilometers from Kampala – Uganda's Capital City. Our major target groups are Youths, Women and Children.


P.O. Box 32, Apac, Uganda
Plot 23, Apire Road, Aduku

Tel (Ejon Geoffrey - Executive Director) +256-772-829-760
      (Ongom Leonard - Project Coordinator) +256-777-776-332
Email: info[at]